Fontaine Sawmill and Educational Park
East Montpelier , Vermont 802-223-7719

Fontaine sawmill park FEATURING

John and Lester Special Horse Wagon

John and Lester our Belgian horses are well trained to pull a carnival colored wagon over a dedicated road around the park. John and Lester have been trained to work in the woods and harvest timber in a ecological fashion. When they are not in the woods, these beautiful animals make a striking pair in front of ten passenger wagon. Around the park are all kinds of old farm equipment, animals and the trees are marked for identification. Also we travel over a trout brook with the new portable bridges now used by loggers wherever there are brooks, streams and wet lands. Have the children identify the squirrels, turkeys, deer, maybe a moose and a fox. Great place for a camera and make it a fun day by doing some Nordic trail walking. Bring good footwear and gear for the outdoors.
Booking Your Groups Tour - Scheduled Tours are available May through October, Sunday 11:00AM to 3:00PM. Tours should be scheduled at least 10 days in advance to assure the scheduling of OUR HELPERS - Tour Guides(s). To schedule a tour for your class, group or organization, please call (802-223-7719) between the hours of 9 and 9. Ask for Jennies. John and Lester SPECIAL Wagon Ride is for adults and children, however the space is limited to around (10), maybe a few more if they are all small children and at least one adult. Due to the limited seating capacity of our rides, all paying participants will be seated first. Guides will determine ratios of children to adults for safety reasons.
Notice the platform bridge, this is the newest tool for the logger to get across streams, brooks and wet ground. You’ll see these bridges being made at saw mill. The log puller- This giant can move logs over rough ground just like a car on the highway. BE SURE YOU ARE DRESSED PROPERLY. REMEMBER WE ARE IN A RURAL SETTING- WOODS, STREAMS, NORDIC TRAILS-BRING GOOD FOOT WEAR